A meeting of fifty women makes possible the debate and the reflection of interpreting a historical fact that was led only by men.

Based on the work of the Spanish artist Carmela García, we recreated through a variety of dynamics a historical fact: “The creation of the ONU, after the Second World War.”
The workshop consists of representing that historical moment, understanding the structures of power and discerning how the world was constructed through a given hierarchy. Would the world be different if it had been led by women?
Let´s see…
MEN 1945
CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO – Principles for the world order
Maintaining international peace and security
Prevent war
Develop friendly relations among nations
Achieving international cooperation
Promoting social progress and improving the standard of living

WOMEN 2008
ENCOUNTERS CASTILLA Y LEÓN – Principles for the world order
Global disarmament, total
Equality, fair distribution
Dialogue, understanding and respect
Where there is no love, put love and there will be love
Comprehensive and transparent education

gender workshop, Soria, Spain

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