Learning different sensations by exploring the limits of our senses. The lines surround us, but they live hidden, they are shy, but once you discover them take shapes, play, and speak a special code that we are going to know.


We invite you to hunt something very special in the secret archives of the library of Brixton .. We will be hunters of lines!


Through our questions, you will observe the lines that are around us
What does a hunter need to be a good hunter?
What skills do you have?
Do we need to hunt?
Have you hunted line before?
How is a line?
Where are the lines from?
Where line lives?


To activate the senses and develop awareness of the shapes and structures of all the things that surround us.

To learn to use our imagination to build creative narratives.

To exercise your tools to activate the imagination.


It’s time to become hunters!

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