Making One Day

Just for one day!

Light painting workshop is created to use new digital photography technologies while learning
and understanding the basic principal of photographic process; to capture light.



We for one day will be a molecule of water, discover how it behaves.The water molecule is a good excuse to dance, to think, to draw, to create molecular structures with common elements. Particles need to be related like humans do. Molecules come together to create other elements with strange names and unusual properties. Molecules build structures. Particles and matter behave.


The workshop has several activities for learning and thinking about all the things that are making with dot and lines. “Superpower point”, “Floating lines”, “Let’s move the point.”





The sound of taste For exploring the possibility to strengthen the senses such as taste and auditory by cancelling the sight. this way, the flavours perceived are highly stimulated and the sound more genuine and honest when tasting, avoiding the influence or interfere or void the other two.


Once Upon a Time. We are going to imagine a perfect place with an impossible environment > boats which are able to fly .. why not?




Line hunters. Through our questions, you will observe the lines that are around us
What does a hunter need to be a good hunter?
What skills do you have?
Have you hunted line before?
How is a line?
Where are the lines from?
Where line lives?


with five sense.  Discovering the lines, wrinkles, colours and shape of vegetables and fruits that normally are not visible. Those organics shapes will be transformed in other art plastic support and they will be showed on the screen.


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