summer camp

We will offer an exclusive programme of summer camps and half term based on two important values: CONTEMPORARY ART through practice and leading by artists and BILINGUALISM.


Day 1 Environmental issues and Art

Artist > Maria Arceo & Thames Plastic Project.

We will explore our immediate environment through the plastic rubbish, touching on consumerist behaviour. We will transform the plastic found in imaginative sculptures.

Day 2  Digital identity and Art

Artist > Javier Chozas & Digital Time, Narcissus.

What is a digital footprint? How do we create a digital identity? We will create our real life characters to project some of the most common behaviour seen in social media.

Day  3 Cultural Identity and Art

Artist > Isabel Castro Jung & 8×8 Project.

London is one of the most multicultural cities on earth in which more than 270 nationalities live together. We will explore and share our cultural identities in order to blend all cultures together..

Day  4 and 5 Interactive Art Exhibition

ubiquotechs & Rafael Gerardo Weisz

We use technologies in our daily live, why not using some of the latest technologies to organise an interactive exhibition? All the work created by the participants throughout the week will be curated and exhibited in the most unusual way.

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Instituto Cervantes London, an official institution conceived to promote the Spanish language and Hispanic culture, supports Making Art Happen, a project which will take place in schools and cultural centres across the UK. The project’s nature and the aim is to help Spanish contemporary art and Spanish language dissemination, as well as generating new forms of access for the use and enjoyment of the contemporary art created by our artists.

ubiquotechs, a group of Spanish computer scientists have been in contact with us to be able to collaborate in making a final exhibition applying its technology of interactive sensors. In short, we could make a final interactive presentation!

transit projects Transit Projects collaborates with the most important cultural, educational and social organisations in order to help define innovative strategies for companies, associations, foundations or public institutions. We believe it is essential to redraw profiles and functions, define new lines of action and structure new internal process in an ever-changing working scene.